We believe that quality must be an embedded trait within all aspects of our business and projects. At LEAR, we establish controls which outline our expectations and processes; we check to ensure that the process is working to our expectations, and we utilize third party and/or outside sources to further assure and verify our successes.

We track our progress, whether it’s training, processes, or procedures, so we can measure our success.


There are four basic principles to our overall quality management:

  • customer satisfaction

  • prevention over inspection

  • management awareness

  • continuous improvement

These basic principles are proactively integrated from our senior management through to our workers and tradespersons.


How we manage quality via our office/in-house staff;

  • Review the drawings and specifications, identifying all submittals and shop drawings for each trade scope.

  • Develop testing and inspection plans for each trade scope and clarify/confirm the responsibilities of each trade contractor following contract award.

  • Document and track the progress of each submittal/shop drawing to maintain a project’s schedule.

  • Produce accurate as-built information.

  • Identify and document all mock-up installations with the respective consultant representative to ensure that the installations meet or exceed the project specifications.

  • Manage all third party and/or final inspection requirements.

  • Identify and record all lessons learned from the project.


How we manage quality via our field and field management staff;

  • Review the drawings and specifications identifying the constructability sequence and preferred method of installation for each trade scope.

  • Active participation in the development of all testing and inspection plans for each trade scope.

  • Confirm understanding of each trade scope responsibilities and review/schedule mock-up installations prior to commencement of onsite activities.

  • Complete regular informal trade scope inspections with the trade representatives to ensure ongoing level of quality meets the expectations outlined.

  • Lead the trade scope inspection process, documenting and correcting all known deficiencies prior to moving forward with third party and/or final inspection.

  • Coordinate and lead all third party and or final inspections.

  • Identify and record all lessons learned from the project.


Fully understanding all of our contractual obligations, the scope of services, processes for subcontracted installations and the specific requirements and productivities of our subcontractors, we will ensure that LEAR Construction delivers a quality product to our customers.