Where you can Inspire Innovate Lead Be You

Creating, Leading & Collaborating

As a Team, We Are Smarter, More Innovative, and More Dynamic.

There is a phrase that might have caught your attention: Where you can. We’re not just talking about a tagline. Throughout everything we do, it’s the key to our success. Embedded in every fiber of our being, it’s our philosophy. It’s our way of saying, “We have a lot to offer and we promise to deliver.” Where you can is our invitation to those who desire the excitement, challenges, and opportunities that make working here so rewarding.

Our Purpose



Working together to lay foundations for the future.



We are dedicated to creating and working alongside our clients to create real, enduring infrastructures that you can be proud of. We take great satisfaction in being attentive, engaged, meticulous, and innovative while working with each client and business partner. Together, we can complete your project on schedule and within budget.

img-3Our Operatingimg-4 Principals

Throughout our history, Lear has built a reputation for being a trusted contractor. What’s the reason? Two Reasons: our people and our operating principles.
Take Action
We have an uncompromising focus on the client and employee experience.
Safety Matters
We put each others safety above all else.
It Starts with Us
We are accountable for doing what we say we will do.
Transparency Always
In everything we do, we strive for full transparency and continuous improvement.
Be Curious, Encourage Ideas
We think differently and act differently. Innovation is not something we fear.
Together We Can
We focus on leveraging the uniqueness and experience of our employees and partners.
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